How to get inspiration for your interview or a speech?

A stunning informative speech at your interview can make a lasting impression and help land you that dream job. Your interviewers may provide the title for your speech or give you wider scope to choose your own topic.


Learn about the company you want to join, to find out how best to approach your speech. Check its website, read its literature, and consider the knowledge and ability needed for the job you seek. Interviewers from a scientific organization may expect detailed technical explanations while those from a company within the creative industries may be more interested in a presentation that showcases your artistic or communication talents.


Research your material thoroughly. Be sure every word you prepare is accurate. Understand any statistics you use. Consider the number of people present for your speech, their position in the organization and their degree of expertise. Your audience may include interviewers and observers from different parts of the company, so check your own understanding of the contents of your speech and be prepared to explain every aspect clearly.